About Fablious

Our Story

We founded Fablious with just one aim in mind, to help our customers find and compare all of the best alternative finance offerings available to them, all at the end of their fingertips.

We set out to help hundreds of thousands of customers who feel that they’ve been excluded from the mainstream lending market, and that’s why we’ve created the Fablious Alternative Finance Community.

We are transforming the way that you find and use financial offerings, and with us, we’ll help you to find deals that will leave you feeling Fablious.

What we do

So, what is an Alternative Finance Community, exactly? Well, we’ll put it simply for you.

If you’re struggling to borrow credit due to a thin file or poor credit profile, then our Alternative Finance Community will help you to find you an alternative solution to suit your needs; however niche they may be.

So whether you need to build or repair your credit, or if you’re struggling to find the money for the rental deposit on a property, we’ve got offerings specifically designed to help you.

The Fablious Alternative Finance Community searches and compares an extensive range of finance products available on the market to find you the perfect solution.

Instead of looking to credit records, we look for solutions, and we believe that for every problem, there is a suitable alternative out there.

And Fablious is here to help you find it!

Why we do it

For many customers who have been rejected for credit, it can seem like the end of the road for their finances; however, it doesn’t have to be.

At Fablious, we understand that the need for credit doesn’t disappear along with a refused credit application, and that’s where we want to step in and help.

There are many reasons why applicants get rejected for credit, not all of which make them unsuitable for borrowing, and Fablious’ Alternative Finance community allows customers to compare and find suitable options to help you understand the next steps to take.

We always go that extra mile to help you find and compare your options.


We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that you, the customer, are offered products that are both suitable and safe for you to use.

We always act within the best interests of our customers, to ensure that you borrow and use financial products responsibly, amounting to fewer complications at present and in the future.

Alongside responsibility, our other company values include:


We’re upfront and transparent about all of the financial products that are available and whether or not they are suitable for you. We will never suggest any unsuitable products.


We feel a duty to provide opportunities to all applicants who feel that they have been left behind after having their credit application rejected. Ensuring that we give you as our customer, different and more suitable means of solving your need for credit.


We are consistently looking for new and innovative products and partners to work with, ever-expanding and exploring new options for the best interests of our customers.


We understand that you need to understand the ins and outs before you go ahead with any type of financial product, which is why we offer customer service support to help answer any questions. Our customer service is available to answer any queries you may have about how Fablious and the products enlisted work.


We strive for complete customer satisfaction, always aiming to be at the forefront of any latest developments in the alternative finance market.


Are you a business with an excellent alternative finance offering? Want to accomplish great things together?

Partner with us and we’ll ensure that together we can build something that’s truly Fablious.

Contact Us to discuss potential future partnerships.