Groupon UK: How Does it Work?

Understanding Groupon



Saving money doesn’t always have to mean passed expiration dates and getting lesser quality items, instead, you can get great items at great prices, you just need to know where to look!

If you want to save money and still get all the latest goods and services, why not consider saving money with Groupon.

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Groupon UK is an online service that allows you to save money by using virtual coupons to get discounts for things such as goods, services and experiences.
Groupon in the United Kingdom is a service you can use to get great deals and discounts on goods such as home & garden furniture, family attractions, foods & drink amongst other deals. Groupon brings you deals on a range of products, providing a great way to shop if you’re looking for goods or gifts on a budget. As well as this, Groupon also helps users to find local businesses for you to find great local deals on a range of goods and services in your city, providing over 500 cities to choose from. When you purchase a Groupon deal, you will pay for your purchase upfront, either receiving a receipt for your item or promo code to use at a retailer or vendor. You’ll then either receive your items or an email with your promotional code telling you how to redeem your items.
The vouchers that are offered on Groupon mean that users can get up to a 90% discount off the recommended retail price. Groupon UK offers excellent discounts at no expense to the shopper as vouchers can ensure businesses’ a minimum return on their investment and increased sales and popularity for their brand.

There are many different features that allow customers to browse and personalise their experiences when purchasing goods or gifts online. These include;

  • Different ways to Browse: Groupon provides multiple ways to browse items and search for gifts. You can search directly for items using the search bar or by browsing by location. Categories on the website also have filters to allow you to narrow down your search further, to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Personalise your experience: If you’re not keen on being sent endless amounts of offers on products to sift through, you can tailor your search to match what you want to see. By updating your profile with your deals and interests, you’ll be able to find offers that are an excellent match for you.
  • Gift Ideas: If you’re struggling to find someone a gift, then you’ll be relieved to know that there is a whole section dedicated to gifts. Categorise your needs by filtering by romantic, personalised, birthday or affordable gifts. An excellent way to find the ideal gift at an ideal price.
  • Customer service: Customer support is at hand in the form of an online live chat is available 7 days a week from the hours of 5 am to 12 am.

Different products that are available on offer from Groupon include;

  • Groupon Getaways: Offering the perfect getaways in and outside the UK, you can choose from countryside retreat staycations at home or deals on hotels and flights by escaping abroad. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a tour or experience while you’re away, you can also find that too.
  • Events: By working with ticket sellers across the UK, Groupon offers the opportunity to attend gigs and concerts across the UK in addition to other live events and nights out. Making it the perfect way to get discounted tickets for the entertainers you know and love.
  • Groupon Goods: With access to 1,000s of high-value products and good site-wide, you can find yourself great deals on a variety of different options from electronics to games, sports equipment, clothes and many more. Get all the goods you want, delivered directly to your door.
  • Discount Codes: With an excellent selection of discount and promotional codes that can be used in high-street and online retailers as well as restaurants. These discounts can offer you great deals on food, clothes and groceries helping you to save money. Partnered brands include Tesco, Zizzi’s, ASOS and Amazon, plus many more.

As well as receiving discounts on products to help you save money, some other benefits include;

  • Refer a friend scheme: By referring a friend, you could earn £6 in credits for every friend you refer, just as a way of saying thanks. Spend your rewards on anything you want to – sitewide.
  • Groupon Credits: Collect credits as you spend on selected deals and by referring your friends and use them on more deals.
There are no fees or subscription charges associated with using Groupon. Instead, it is completely free to browse deals. All you have to do is pay for your products and promotions. Postage and packaging rates may also apply.
Groupon uses industry level encryption to secure customer’s personal details and payment information. As well as this, Groupon contains administrative, technical and physical controls designed to act as a safeguard to add another layer of protection.