Curve: Here's What You Need to Know

Understanding Clearpay


Saving money is a challenge that many modern people struggle to find the time to do. Whether they’re saving up for the long-term for a home or mortgage deposit or saving for a short term for holidays and car, many can benefit from saving those pennies.

If you’re considering saving money and want to track all of your accounts in one place, why not consider saving money with a card like Curve that allows you to do all of that in one handy app.

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Curve helps you to simplify your finances by putting all of your accounts in a smarter app, making your money more comfortable to manage. By adding all of your eligible cards and accounts your app, you’ll be able to spend money from any account just using your smart card.

The Curve Mastercard allows you to spend money from any eligible account using the smart Curve app and card.

All you need to do is upload your eligible Mastercard credit and debit cards to the app and choose which card you wish to make payments with, allowing you to switch credit and bank accounts depending on where you want to spend your money instantly.

It’s a handy way to see how spending happens over your cards. Similar to open banking, you’re able to see how much you’ve spent, helping you to budget and save money on the existing cards that you already have.

No, Curve is not a bank. As you are already using your existing bank accounts, Curve simply provides you with the opportunity to have all your credit and bank cards all on one easy to manage app. Helping to make managing your money easier.

There are many different features available, all of which can vary depending on which plan you choose;

  • Cashback: CurveCash is an excellent way for spenders to earn cashback on their purchases. Shoppers can receive up to 1% of their purchase costs back with over 100 different retail brands, including food, drink, grocery and shopping brands. Whether you save your cashback or spend it is entirely up to you.
  • Curve Rewards: When shopping at selected retailers, you’ll accumulate points that you can spend in places where you can use your card. Each point is equivalent to 1 penny, meaning 1,000 points are equal to £10.
  • Fix your mistakes: If you accidentally use the wrong account to make a payment, then you can use the ‘Back in Time’ feature which allows you to correct the purchase with the card you intended to pay. Curve allows you to do this for up to 14 days after the purchase for up to £1,000.
  • CurveFronted: this allows you to use your credit cards to pay your bills. Usually, HMRC will not accept payments using a credit card. However, as it is a debit card, you can make your payments with your credit account.
  • CurveTravel: Use your card abroad in over 210 countries, giving you the financial freedom to spend your money where you want to. You’ll also be able to save money by getting competitive exchange rates using Interbank. You’ll also be able to gain cashback while abroad.
  • CurveSend: Send electronic money instantly in real-time to other Curve customers. This makes for a quick and easy fix to pay for splitting the costs of lunch or repaying someone. You’ll also get £5 for every friend you refer.

Curve offers three different cards; Blue, Black and Metal.

Each card has the following core features;

  • Top up your debit card for free

  • Compatible with Apple, Google and Samsung Pay

  • Secure smart app for iOS and Android

  • Supports MasterCard and Visa Other card features include;

  • Blue: is the standard card and requires no monthly subscription. It offers you the best of the service but at a lower price. Users are still able to get cashback, Back in Time, CurveFront, CurveTravel and CurveSend.

  • Black: requires a monthly subscription and is the level above Blue. The card allows you to get some more extras such as cashback at three retailers, unlimited access to interbank FX rates, £400 a month fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals and worldwide travel insurance.

  • Metal: comes with a premium 18g metal card with three colours to choose between. With Curve Metal, you get cashback at six selected retailers and can take out £600 a month fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals. You will also receive extras like mobile phone insurance, worldwide airport LongeKey Access, and rental car collision waiver insurance.

Curve currently offers three different cards;

  • Curve Blue: Curve Blue is free and has no subscription costs.
  • Curve Black: Curve Black costs £9.99 a month.
  • Curve Metal: Curve Metal costs £14.99 a month.

Yes, you can still use your card abroad, as long as the retailer accepts MasterCard payments. You will be charged no extra fees for using your card abroad but will be charged the exchange rate with Interbank.

Curve is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and offers industry-standard security measures to ensure that your money and details are protected.