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Whether you’re looking to boost your credit score, track and analyse your spending as well as having access to hundreds of exclusive and personalised alternative finance offers tailored to your needs - we have you covered

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Add any accounts you want to track

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to add any bank, savings and credit accounts track to allow us to view your incomings and outgoings. Our Open Banking API only allows viewing access - not the ability to store or change anything on your account.

Track, spend and save Fabliously

Synchronise your payday (our app allows you to set it to whenever you get paid, without rigidity), set budgets, savings goals and you’re good to go! Receive real-time spending notifications, budgeting reports, find ways to save on a range of bills, see how others in the community are saving and discover ingenious ways to boost your credit and more!

A little bit about us

If you’ve ever felt excluded by the mainstream lending market because you aren’t a homeowner, don’t have your wages monthly or receive your income outside of traditional employment – we recognise your frustration. With that in mind, at Fablious, we strive to build an Alternative Finance Community that’s inclusive of everyone. We aren’t interested in your credit history, as far as we’re concerned the past is in the past.

Instead, we want to help you to revolutionise the way you use, spend and save money with our progressive budgeting and tracking app that puts you in control. At Fablious, we provide useful and valuable insights into the way you and other users within the community are spending to help you to both spend and save smarter.

Benefit from features such as

• Setting your own monthly, weekly or bi-weekly budgets and synchronise them with your payday

• Regular spending summaries and insights to check if you’re keeping on track

• Exclusive and personalised offers tailored to your spending and saving habits

• Track your budget every step of the way with real-time notifications

• Get rid of unwanted or unneeded subscriptions that are holding you back from reaching your goals

• Stay in control of your finances and change the way you think about money

• Actively repair your credit rating for a score you can be proud of

• Get deals and discounts at all of your favourite retailers

How to choose your subscription type

Help your finances to feel Fablious again and boost your credit score with access to a variety of personalised offers, spending insights to understand your strengths and flaws, as well as understanding how others in the Fablious community are also saving money.

Choose your subscription type with the features you need to achieve greater financial stability and still have the control you want.

Whether you want spending advice on ways you can cut your spending, access to hundreds of alternative finance offers or to stay up to date with your credit score or on top of your budget.

Whatever you need, we’ve got the perfect subscription offer for you.

The latest innovation in finance - Open Banking

Fablious uses Open Banking technology to view your accounts and track your spending, savings and credit goals. Open banking helps to provide third parties such as ourselves or potential lenders with an overview of your finances without the need for invasive credit checks that can leave entries on your report.

Open banking APIs use bank-level security and only provides viewing access to the accounts you verify; it does not allow us to make changes or store any of your data.


Is a Fablious subscription free?

Depending on which Fablious subscription you sign up for, you will either be charged £9.99 for a full subscription with access to all of our products and features or you can sign up for a free account with limited features.

Is Open Banking safe?

Yes, Open Banking is completely secure. Open Banking is one of the safest ways of giving viewing access to your account and transferring data. With Open Banking, you are the only person who can provide viewing access to third parties, such as Fablious. By authorising viewing access, third parties are only provided read-only access; this does not give any authorisation for anyone to make changes or transactions from your account.

Safety Information

• Bank-level security:

All of your Open Banking data you provide us with is encrypted and secured by bank-level security.

• Read-only access:

We’ll only have access read-only the accounts you’ve authorised; this does not permit us to make any changes or any transactions from any of your accounts.

• FCA authorised:

We’re registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Fablious is a registered Trading name of Quiddi Hub Limited which is an Appointed Representative of QV Holdco Ltd, and is entered on the Financial Services Register under reference number: WWWWWWW.

Partner with Fablious

Are you a business with a great alternative finance offering? Please don’t keep it a secret. Get in touch and start working with us.

Together, we can create something truly Fablious!

Contact Fablious to discuss partnership opportunities.

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